Check Out the Top Four Restaurants in Sydney South!

The Sydney South area is particularly rich in tradition and culture, along with beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. However, sightseeing museums and art galleries can get rather draining. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list on four of the best restaurants in this area. There are plenty of good restaurants in Sydney South, but the ones mentioned below made it to our list due to their excellent ratings in terms of variety, food quality, atmosphere, and service. Check them out to enjoy delicious meals everyday!

good restaurants in sydney South

Alphabet St.

If you’re looking for exotic Asian cuisine, then it gets no better than Alphabet St. at 5/8 Kingsway Cronulla. This restaurant mostly specializes on dinner dishes, staying open until ten at night. Alphabet St. is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, as well as its outstanding Asian food and a reputation bolstered by its helpful owners and attentive waiting staff.

In addition, their betel leaf with tea smoked trout, roti mataba with chicken and peanuts, and special caramelized crispy pork have gotten rave reviews. Don’t hesitate to book reservations for this Sydney South restaurant offers lovely outdoor seatings that gets filled fast!

360 Ristorante Italiano

For a more family-friendly setting, the 360 Ristorante Italiano at 360 Rocky Point is your best bet out of all the good restaurants in Sydney South. Kids, grownups, couples, and groups of friends alike will definitely love their famous pizza-based pasta bowls.

If you want something more filling, go for their Steak Diane or their super special Nutella Pizza. Their Italian food is made by an Italian chef for a genuine and unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere else.

Agape Organic Restaurant

Those who are passionate about healthy living will be delighted to head over to Agape, an organic restaurant South Sydney at 1385 Botany Road. Their menu consists of organic food that is scrumptiously-cooked, beautifully-presented, lovingly-served, and what’s more – reasonably-priced!

Their menu also varies, depending on which food items are in season and what organic meat they can get. You will find amaranth and quinoa as well, where you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Don’t miss their wagyu beef, cappacio, pizza, and lamb shanks for a truly mouth-watering experience!

Blackwater Italian Restaurant

This Captain Cook Bridge restaurant – located at 8 Water Street in Sans Souci, Kogarah – made it to our list by sheer virtue of its incomparable view of the Botany Bay and the Georges River. Their exceptional menu also includes not just local food, but also Italian, Mediterranean, and Spanish cuisine – leaving you spoil for choice.

The restaurant atmosphere is light and friendly, as well as sophisticated. Dining is via reservations only and for an extra tip, make sure to watch out for deals to avail huge discounts on their sumptuous menu!

The four good restaurants in Sydney South above will definitely suit whatever cravings you have for the day – from popular Italian cuisine at 360 Ristorante Italiano to the more elegant servings at the Blackwater. Make it a point of checking them out at least once and get to experience the best food that Sydney has to offer! Visit us at

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